About us

NRG2fly is a start-up that aims to create an innovative ecosystem for e-flying. Our focus lies with charging infrastructure and Zero Emission Charging Solutions for airports. Starting with a strong knowledge base in The Netherlands and expanding to the whole of Europe. 

Our Mission

Enabling access to reliable and interoperable charging infrastructure and sustainable energy supply at regional airports in Europe. 

Doing so, NRG2fly aims to contribute to the realization of e-flying as a fast and sustainable mobility solution.

Our approach

NRG2fly has a lot to offer to the expanding world of e-flying


Situation analysis. Business case and scenario calculations. Independent advice for airports. 

Project Management

Implementation of charge infrastructures. Guidance for realization.  

Our timeline

In the coming years, NRG2fly will ensure access to these necessary reliable, interoperable charging infrastructure and to the needed sustainable energy supply at the regional airports in Europe. So that sustainable e-flying between more than 2000 places in Europe will be attainable and accessible.

Start up with two pilot projects, consultancy projects at five airports and the start of a new network of electric regional aviation    

Expansion to five pilots, partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), charging infrastructure manufacturers, solar panel suppliers and battery providers 

Further upscaling to an ever-growing European network of products and services

E-flying as a fully-fledged alternative  to fossil travel and as a new mobility option

Green Transport Delta - electrification

To develop a strong battery-ecosystem in the Netherlands, GTD-e aims to fasten up the transition to climate neutral mobility. NRG2fly is part of the aviation taskforce which is developing a test facility for electric aircraft to test several types of chargers and e-aircraft


Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation

NRG2fly is part of the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation, a voluntary initiative by the European Commission. Together with partners in the public and private sector, we aim to prepare the market for the entry into service of zero-emission aircraft.


Open Charge Alliance

NRG2fly is one of the co-founders of the working group Electric Aircraft within the Open Charge Alliance. The aim is to investigate, develop and promote the applicability and importance of open standards in the use of electric aircraft.