Sustainable e-flying

An attainable and accessible mobility option

Within the next decade e-flying will make a breakthrough as an exciting new mobility option for distances up to 500 km, and also as an alternative for existing fossil energy usage for part of current aviation. The basic ingredients for a successful growth of battery electric aviation are here: the ever increasing availability of local supply of renewable sun and wind energy, ongoing development of battery technology and more and more innovative charging and energy management options to get that energy used for aviation.

NRG2fly is up to the challenge to make charging sustainable, reliable and easy to operate for everyone. A network of regional airports with a charging infrastructure and a considerable energy capacity, preferably generated locally and sustainably is indispensable. NRG2fly offers the solutions for reliable charging, to absorb the fluctuations in supply and demand and to relieve the local networks and prepared for future battery capacity increase. Not to mention reliable charging services, transparent pricing and smart charging.